Kim Hartl

President of We Are Individuals; 

Our mission is to help provide  information and connections to help individuals (you) that are challenged with anxietydepressionstress, or bullying issues.  Bullying issues include: the bully, the bullied & the by-stander.

Our hope is to make it easier for you to find help, quickly and easily. We hope to help you find the different modalities that are available & to find  practitioners that practice them. We would like to help you build your team.

We hope our presentation will provide insight regarding the five modalities that I have studied. In the presentation we will provide you with the reasons why we feel this information is so important for everyone.

Phone: +1(306)231-9287

Me in socials:

I was able to see the “Anxiety & Depression” presentation, which focused on different ways to help overcome mental illness. I think it is very helpful for anyone struggling to be able to see what options are out there so they can take the first step. Much of the information I learned in the presentation I will be applying to myself as well as to help direct others that I know who are struggling and could benefit greatly from the information provided! I plan to take in more presentations from Kim in the future!


Amanda, WAI Retreat Attendee

Kim’s presentation was very informative, very personal, and very touching. There is so much thought and detail in every aspect of her presentation and website. This wonderful lady has deducated her life to helping others by sharing her story, informing others of resources and options to help you out of your darkness into the light. “Don’t be afraid, it’s okay, you aren’t alone,” she says. She speaks from her heart and soul with love. #lovewins


Laurie Szautner, WAI Retreat Attendee