M.E. Day

M.E. Day (Mental health Edification Day) is a one day event which will be held every year in November where we will talk about creating your own mental health team.  At M.E. Day, the audience will be guided through steps that they can use towards creating their team. They will also learn different ways/methods that are available, and they will learn how to access and connect with the right people that can help them.

The presentations at M.E. Day will be different from other mental health presentations:

1. M.E. Day Presentations will be open to everyone, FREE attendance for all.

2. M.E. Day  presenters will provide the missing puzzle piece of how they got help (the steps they took), and what they are doing now to keep their mental health healthy on their good and down days.

At every M.E. Day event, we will be doing an Annual Fundraiser selling M.E. Day products. The money raised will help to pay for the next M.E. Day event as well go towards our other projects: Project H.E.L.P., Sierra’s Gift, and Project Ivan.

Event Speakers

At M.E.Day
Tom the Cat
Tom the Cat
Mischief Expert
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse
Happiness Co-ordinator
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown
Speaker on Depression/Anxiety
Kim Hartl
Kim Hartl
President of We Are Individuals;

Our Projects

The reason for Me-day...we have a variety of projects we have spear headed to help others who struggle with mental health. We also want to be a help to those providing care for those struggling. Our projects are listed below.

World Mental Health Day

At M.E.Day

I was able to see the “Anxiety & Depression” presentation, which focused on different ways to help overcome mental illness. I think it is very helpful for anyone struggling to be able to see what options are out there so they can take the first step. Much of the information I learned in the presentation I will be applying to myself as well as to help direct others that I know who are struggling and could benefit greatly from the information provided! I plan to take in more presentations from Kim in the future!


Amanda, WAI Retreat Attendee

Kim’s presentation was very informative, very personal, and very touching. There is so much thought and detail in every aspect of her presentation and website. This wonderful lady has deducated her life to helping others by sharing her story, informing others of resources and options to help you out of your darkness into the light. “Don’t be afraid, it’s okay, you aren’t alone,” she says. She speaks from her heart and soul with love. #lovewins


Laurie Szautner, WAI Retreat Attendee

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